Friday, May 20, 2016

Ed Tech Newsletter 5/20/2016 : Google Slides Q and A, Embed Charts from Sheets in Slides and Docs for easy editing, Rigor and Relevance Framework

Embed Charts into Slides and Docs

Eric Curts always shares useful tips. This week, he posted an article revolving around how to add a chart to Google Slides or Google Docs that can be easily modified. This is very useful if you are creating something for your students with information that needs to be changed regularly.

Google Slides Q and A

Google rolled out a free update to Google Slides. It's called Q and A. This is really nice if you want student feedback during a presentation. 

To activate it:
1) Click the arrow to the right of present to enter "presenter view"

2) You will see the audience tools section. Click "start new" to allow the audience to submit questions or comments.

3) Students will go to the website URL displayed at the top of the presentation.

4) As questions or comments are submitted, you can see them in the pop up window.

5) The article below addresses this further, along with the new laser pointer option. Please let me know if you need help trying any of this.

Rigor and Relevance Framework to Effectively Integrate Google Apps

At PD Day, we held a session on the SAMR Model. These frameworks to guide thinking with integrating technology are helpful because they can often guide a lesson idea towards the upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. It also sets up a process for gradually building to that so students are ready for it.